Cape Town

Cape Town, located in the Western Cape Province, is referred to by many as the “Gateway to South Africa”. No other city in the world can compare to Cape Town. 

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View of Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa.

It is in Africa and of Africa, yet so different. Flanked between the ocean and mountain and a National Park in its heart, Cape Town is cosmopolitan, wild and wonderful. It is the oldest city in South Africa and has a cultural and fascinating heritage that spans over more than 300 years.

There are so many compelling reasons to visit the city of Cape Town. Have fun gleefully ticking off things to do in Cape Town one by one from our proposed bucket list, as you make your way through the sights, smells, flavours and cultures of this cultural melting pot.

A Township Tour in Cape Town

Township tourism certainly does uplift communities and individuals. Is a South African township tourism merely a way to be a voyeur of poverty? Read this touching article by Carrie Hampton...more

Art in Cape Town

This is a South African holidays route of beautiful things – be it oil on a canvas, a swirl of beads on a designer dress, or the sparkle on handcrafted...more

Cape Eden: Paradise on Earth

When Portuguese ships first reached the Cape in the late 1400s, on sighting a flat-topped mountain rising as if out of the southern ocean they believed they had found Dante's Southern Garden of Eden....more

Cape Metropolitan Region

Air flips and trips are available, as well as many boat and yacht trips from Table Bay Harbour, including trips to Robben Island, which is fast becoming one of South Africa's premier tourist attractions....more

Cape Town Central

Cape Town's City Centre has too many interesting features and sites to mention - it is best for visitors to walk from one place to the next, experiencing the ambience...more

Cape Town Hosts the South African Museum

Founded in 1825, the South African Museum is the oldest museum in sub-Saharan Africa. The planetarium is adjacent to the main museum building and charges a separate admission fee....more

Cape Town Nightlife

There isn't much of a better introduction to Cape Town than exploring the city's nightlife. As much as Cape Town is a busy city during the day, it truly comes alive during the night time....more

Cape Town: Gateway to South Africa

Cape Town is every tourist's dream. It satisfies the needs of even the most discerning guest and you will never get bored. The imposing and majestic Table Mountain, Cape Town's most famous celebrity, watches over the city...more

Cape Town's Ecology

Much of South Africa’s natural heritage has been disturbed by human activities over the years and some ecosystems, such as the Fynbos Biome, even to the point of being threatened....more

Discover Cape Town Beaches

Clifton 4th Beach is quite family-orientated, so a fun family outing in summer is to be had at the beach. Muizenberg is a beach town just outside of the City, making it a largely untapped tourist spot. Bakoven a spectacular little spot with idyllic views...more

District Six in Cape Town

Two of the best-known forced removals in South African history were from Sophiatown (in Joburg) and District Six in Cape Town. As case studies, they have a lot in common: both areas were home to thriving mixed-race communities...more

Fun Ideas For Kids Around Cape Town

There's no shortage of things to occupy the kids when the sun's shining, but what about when the weather won't play along? Before everyone starts climbing the walls, head undercover for some adrenalin-charged action-climbing and ice-skating...more

Greenmarket Square in Cape Town

Cape Town was young in 1696 when its first town hall, the Burgher Watch House, and the adjacent Greenmarket Square, where slaves and vegetables were bought and sold, were built....more

Historical Influences of the Cape

The demise of Portuguese authority over the high seas in the Cape area facilitated the rise of the great chartered companies of the 17th century. At the time, many European monarchs seemed more interested in squabbling among themselves...more

Historical Walking Tours of the Cape

Cape Town has an endless number of walking tours and museums that ably encapsulate the city’s complex, vibrant and eclectic history. The place tells a story that weaves in complex elements....more

Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens

The headquarters of the National Botanical Institute, Kirstenbosch is one of 8 National Botanical Gardens around South Africa. The beautiful grounds of the 528 Hectare Kirstenbosch complex run up the side slopes of Table Mountain...more

Living Large in Cape Town

The Cape Peninsula lies within a monstrous claw of land. In contrast with the tour-bus potato, the new visitor wants a Cape Town itinerary that involves buckets of fear....more

Rhodes Memorial in Cape Town

Despite the colonial overtones, Rhodes Memorial is a nice little detour along Cape Town, situated in the suburb of Rosebank. It offers the visitor a pretty tea garden and grand views over the city towards Bloubergstrand....more

Robben Island: A World Heritage Site

San Francisco has Alcatraz, and Cape Town has Robben Island. This rocky little lump in the ocean off Cape Town is much, much more than just another famous prison. It is a symbol of righteous resistance, of awful oppression and of triumphant tolerance....more

The Batavian Republic Take Over in the Cape

Despite their successful occupation of the Cape, the British considered themselves as nothing more than caretakers. English imperialism was still incipient, and the British already had a trading post on the little island of St. Helena in the mid-Atlantic...more

The British Embark to the Cape

The Dutch East India Company (VOC) had been running the Cape as its own private fiefdom for close on 150 years. In that time the Company had become bloated, corrupt and inefficient (as big companies sometimes do), and a degree of tedium had settled...more

The British Return to the Cape

Fearful that their route to the riches of India would be compromised by Napoleon’s imperialist impulse, the British took action and, for the second time, sent a fleet to seize the Cape. They anchored at Table Bay in January 1806...more

The Cape as a Refreshment Station

After the Portuguese came to the Cape, the ships of many nations plied the rich but hazardous trade route to the East. To head the task force they chose a ship's surgeon, Jan Van Riebeeck, and gave him three vessels, material, and 82 men and 8 women...more

The Development of The Table Bay Shoreline

Before looking the retail wonderland that is the modern Victoria and Alfred Waterfront, one should go back a little and look at the original shoreline of Table Bay. When the Dutch landed at the Cape, the waters of Table Bay looked very different to today....more

The Early Cape Penguin Colony

Just to put this order into perspective, the penguin population on Robben Island probably totalled tens of thousands when the Dutch first landed at the Cape....more

The Fabled Cape of Storms

In days of old many Europeans "weak of lung" were sent to the Cape to recuperate. The first Portuguese who spied Table Mountain and rounded the fabled Cape in the 1480s named it Cabo da Tormentosa - the Cape of Torment, or Storms....more

The Many Facets of Cape Town

Adventure awaits you at the southern tip of the African continent in Cape Town. Here, along a narrow spit of land known as the Cape of Storms, the global outdoor tribe is discovering a historic city where the cosmopolitan spirit of Europe...more

Visit Bo-Kaap in Cape Town

For the visitor, there are quite a few things to see and do in the Bo-Kaap. A good first stop is the Bo-Kaap Museum. This is a small installation that explains the history of the area, and the museum also houses a superb photographic exhibition....more