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Who We Are

South Africa Online ® is a showcase of the nation’s collective heritage and everything that makes the country special. We provide factual information, written by experts, on diverse topics, from Art to Zebra. The platform also showcases the best products, brands and services on offer in the country. This information is now available on all mobile devices, with selected content in all of South Africa’s 11 official languages.

What We Do

South Africa Online ® offers an extensive range of factual articles, informative factoids and how-to guides on a plethora of local topics. Our notable writers are industry experts and they are instrumental in ensuring that our content is relevant, reliable and of top-notch quality. Written for maximum user readability, any academic, educator, student, farmer, nature-enthusiast or holidaymaker will have access to the wonders of South Africa.

Selected content is translated into all 11 languages, allowing anyone in South Africa to access valuable information in their home language.

Our articles are enriched by images from some of South Africa’s most celebrated photographers and photojournalists. Their images of fantastic scenery, everyday life, marine life, political events, wildlife, famous people, architecture, birds, and cultural events provide a visual showcase of our heritage like never seen before.

Topics Include

Culture, Art and Artists
Our Famous People
South African History
Natural Heritage
Conservation and Environmental Issues
Our Nation

For High-school and College Students

As part of our offering South Africa Online ® has launched a nation-wide Educational Resource for high school and college students, aimed at raising awareness in topics such as Nature Conservation and Environmental Protection. We offer insightful guides to Mammals, Reptiles, Trees, Grass, and Flowers, as well as Bird Life, Marine Life, Conservation and Environmental Issues.

Enabling The Emerging Farmer

Of particular interest is our Agriculture Section, which includes information specifically to help emerging farmers increase their knowledge through well-researched guides on a range of topics, translated into all 11 of South Africa’s official languages. Our series of ‘How-To’ Guides are written by agricultural researchers, writers and lecturers that are each specialists in their field.

This information will empower emerging farmers in South Africa and help improve their farming activities in a sustainable and profitable way. Topics covered include: Livestock Breeding, Pastures, Farm Management, Indigenous Crops, as well as the growing of Vegetables, Fruit and Grains. The content is available to any farmer or breeder on their cell phone, or other mobile devices, in their own language.

The Best of Domestic Travel

Our Travel Section features some of the best destinations in South Africa. From the remotest corners to the most romantic getaways. From offshore reefs to the mountain tops, through hot deserts to cool forest canopies and from tropical beaches to rolling grasslands - the collective offering will appeal to just about anyone. Travel can be booked through a team of professional agents, offering expert advice on anything travel related within South Africa.

Fact Check

We strive for accuracy and fairness. If you see something on our website that doesn't look right, kindly contact us

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