Jewel Africa

Jewel Africa is the largest diamond and tanzanite retailer in South Africa with over 50 000 guests visiting every year. Best known for dazzling international tourists with a gorgeous collection of jewels and products, Jewel Africa is an authoritative figure on African jewelry design.

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The richness of African artistry, culture and heritage is showcased by Jewel Africa’s multilingual staff; their focus on luxury treatment gives potential investors peace of mind while they browse through Jewel Africa’s extensive range of diamonds, tanzanite and collectible African artifacts.

Founded in 1985 as a local diamond business, Jewel Africa has gone from strength to strength and has earned their reputation as a distinguished jewel empire, inspired by the strong leadership and passion invested into the company. In 2000, their experimental space was launched in Cape Town to invite tourists to engage with stunning momentos from their African adventure in an intimate setting. 

They are in the unique position of owning all stages of the diamond and tanzanite production pipeline, which enables them to provide customers with the absolute best jewels while cutting out the middle-men. 

Jewel Africa is a timeless jewel retail destination with an incredible range of unique and beautiful products, with the mandate of sharing one of South Africa’s greatest treasures with the world. 

Classic Emerald Collection

In this number, a 14 kt yellow gold rolo chain presents four Zambian Emeralds, a design that’ll appeal to lovers of classic jewellery...more

Classic Gold Collection

You’re timeless, regal and stylish when you embody the qualities of gold....more

Classic Silver Collection

This silver necklace breaks the boundaries of conventional norms and stands out with a clear and purposeful design....more

Emerald and Diamond Collection

One of nature’s most calming colours, green is said to encourage balance and reflection....more

Emerald and Diamond Ring

This elegant accessory is ideal for a cultured woman with discerning taste....more

Emerald Arc Ring

Made of 14kt yellow gold with 7 startling Zambian emeralds at its centre, it’s an ornament befitting royalty....more

Emerald Crown Ring

You too can own a gem favoured by kings and queens....more

Emerald Dangle Ring

Crafted to perfection, it features a 2 mm straight band made of 14kt yellow gold, embellished with 6 brilliant-cut diamonds. Dangling at its edge is the rich green gem that’s captured the hearts of royalty....more

Emerald Solitaire Ring

The tasteful minimalism of this piece ensures its versatility across occasions and seasons. Make your investment with a purchase today!...more

Emerald Stacking Ring

If less is more, this ring will go the distance....more

Emerald Stone Ring

Adorn yourself with this tantalising trio of gems!...more

Gold Africa Map Collection

This incredible piece of jewellery is crafted in honour of a continent that has captured the hearts of many....more

Gold Chain Emerald Necklace

In Greek mythology, a Titan named Atlas held up the sky. His daughters, the seven sisters, are displayed as a cluster of stars so bright it can be seen with the naked eye....more

Gold Crossover Hoop Earrings

Tube-set for ultimate security, the stones seem to glow with a golden aura – a reflection of the emerald on polished precious metal....more

Gold Diamond Elephant Earrings

Set in the elephants’ eyes, two 0.005 ct diamonds sparkle with the spirit of the African grassland and give this set its distinct exuberance....more

Gold Elephant Charm

Distinguished by her strength, a matriarch is a symbol of leadership....more

Gold Emerald Cluster Necklace

“Everything that comes in threes is perfect.” And the designers of this 14 kt yellow gold necklace agree....more

Gold Emerald Stud Earrings

Submit an enquiry to to purchase these versatile emerald earrings....more

Gold Half Circle Collection

They mimicked starlight with a 0.02 ct diamond, subtly off-centred to emphasise the celestial emptiness of the design’s negative space....more

Gold Hanging Leopard Pendant

Often seen draped over tree branches, the leopard has an innate composure that shines as bright as the precious metal it’s made from....more

Gold Hoop Earrings

The design is held together by 14 kt yellow gold....more

Gold Huggie Earrings

Classy and classic, 14 kt yellow gold gives this set a traditional look....more

Gold Mountain Collection

Celebrate a natural wonder and African artistry when you procure this style standout....more

Gold Rhino Charm

A rhino is worth more than its weight in gold....more

Gold Table Mountain Collection

One of nature’s most breathtaking wonders, the flat-topped peak is the inspiration for this classic pendant....more

Gold Tanzanite Africa Pendant

Found only in Africa, a 0.13 ct round claw-set tanzanite marks the spot where humankind took its first steps....more

Gold Tanzanite Elephant Earrings

The carefully considered combination of violet and gold creates an air of regality....more

Gold Whale Pendant

June marks the start of South Africa’s whale-watching season, where southern right and humpback whales come to feed and breed in the warm coastal waters....more

Multiple Emerald and Diamond Collection

In this stunning ring, seven brilliant-cut diamonds threaten to steal the show but are equally matched by seven stunning Zambian emeralds....more

Silver Continental Earrings

These Africa-shaped earrings may be understated but they speak volumes....more

Silver Elephant Earrings

These silver elephant earrings are a pure delight. Elegantly poised in rhodium-plated silver...more

Silver Half Moon Collection

The elegance of this ring is apparent by the clear and precise curves....more

Silver Mountain Collection

Table Mountain’s skyline is neatly carved out and rests peacefully at the centre....more

Silver Table Mountain Collection

Treat yourself to one of nature's most iconic sightings by placing it around your neck....more

Sterling Silver Collection

Firmly set with an iconic, picturesque landscape, this ring stands the test of time. The designer has taken great care in crafting this magnificent rhodium-plated sterling silver ring....more

Timeless Emerald and Diamond Collection

Embody the eternal when you wear this gorgeous ring....more

Vivid Emerald Ring

This ring displays such splendour in the form of a single Zambian Emerald flanked by three brilliant-cut diamonds, held together by a 14 kt yellow gold....more

Yellow Gold and Emerald Ring

Made of 14 kt yellow gold it presents six brilliant-cut diamonds in all their splendour....more

Yellow Gold Collection

Hanging on a 45 cm rolo chain, this versatile piece will take you from day to night....more

Zambian Emerald Collection

Ancient rulers wore pendants that depicted their most sacred objects....more