South African Handcrafted Designs

© Meyer von Wielligh

South African Handcrafted Designs have, for centuries, recieved international acclaim for its reimagining of the country's proud history of indigenous artistry and diverse influence of a multi-cultural populace. 

Today, South Africa continues to make waves in the design industry - local South African artisans imagine, innovate and craft items reflective of the country’s creative heritage, creating lasting international appeal.

South African design, decor, handbags, exclusive furniture, jewellery, ceramics and sculpture are designed and locally produced throughout the country, which are showcased on both local and intenational platforms.

South Africa Online ® has sourced some of these South African Handcrafted Designs to share with the world – and you.

Distinctive Décor

Transform an iniviting room into a beautiful space with South African décor made by local artists with a love for design.

Elegant Handbags

Where to find South African designer handbags; look no further than's range of classic and elegant handbags, totes, vanit...more

Exclusive Furniture

Browse through exclusive furniture and bespoke South African furniture by local designers made from quality materials, with designs inspire...more

Exquisite South African Jewellery Design

South African designer jewellery is more than adornment; Luxury South African jewellery designer pieces that are made from high-end material...more

Handcrafted Ceramics

The beauty of Handcrafted South African ceramics is in the balance of form and function. Domestic and decorative, South African ceramic art ...more

Singular Sculpture

The art of creating bronze South African wildlife sculptures has remained one of the most expressive traditions for both artists and collec...more