Singular Sculpture
South African Wildlife Sculptures

The art of creating bronze South African wildlife sculptures has remained one of the most expressive traditions for both artists and collectors.

South African singular sculpture is a unique and exclusive concept that was reserved for true art lovers for quite some time - but now, you are invited to experience the beauty and magnificence of acclaimed local South African wildlife sculpture artists and their work. This, of course, begs the question - where will you find such rare treasures? holds the answer.

Displaying a  bronze South African wildlife sculpture invites contemplation and debate into your home; the piece may be set in stone, but your interpretations aren’t. Look through the digital exhibition to find South African animal art sculptures suited to your home, your ideas and your taste in art.

African Wildlife Bronze Sculpture

This bronze sculptor epitomises the African wild, the liberated abandon of its creatures....more

Bronze Aardvark Sculpture

This bronze piece illustrates a solitary mother’s protective instincts as she prepares her offspring for a life of digging....more

Bronze and Steel Rhino Sculpture

A bronze-on-stainless-steel marvel, it employs the form of the majestic rhino to illustrate the beauty of dualism....more

Bronze Baboon Sculpture

Charged by the artist’s passion for African wildlife and conservancy, this piece is sculpted around the human-like contemplation of the model....more

Bronze Baby Elephant Sculpture

Celebrate the enchanting exuberance of an Elephant Calf. This piece immortalises the innocence and beauty of this creature....more

Bronze Baby Hippo Sculpture

This protective instinct is shared by the artist, whose years of wildlife conservation have nurtured a great respect for African wildlife scenes....more

Bronze Baby Rhino

A piece reflecting the artist's ardent desire to see the rhino preserved for generations to come, this will appeal to the conservation-minded collector....more

Bronze Black Eagle Sculpture

Although anatomically imperfect, this bust portrays the animal’s attitude through attention to detail – the artist has focused on the eagle’s expression....more

Bronze Buffalo Sculpture

From one of South Africa's foremost wildlife sculptors comes this incredible limited-edition bronze sculpture, a work of startling intricacy and elegance....more

Bronze Cheetah Coalition Sculpture

This bronze piece snapshots the determination of a hunting coalition with gazes locked onto their target....more

Bronze Cheetah Sculpture

From a leader in wildlife sculpting, comes this stirring piece, straight from the African wild....more

Bronze Climbing Leopard Sculpture

The concept of balance forms the thematic foundation of this stunning bronze sculpture. The South African artist has recreated the dexterity of the leopard and captured the animal’s static gaze in this expertly cast bronze....more

Bronze Drinking Leopard Sculpture

The sculptor’s intention is for viewers of the piece to pause and appreciate African wildlife – he is an avid advocate for animal conservation....more

Bronze Ducks Sculpture

This whimsical bronze captures this process artfully, portraying the ducklings in several states of movement....more

Bronze Dung Beetle Sculpture

Depicting two dung beetles in a fearsome battle for the ultimate prize, a ball of dung, it artfully illustrates the high-stake conflicts within the animal kingdom; from creatures great and small....more

Bronze Eagle Sculpture

Eagles are known as powerful birds of prey who strike terror and awe in equal measure....more

Bronze Elephant and Baobab Sculpture

A startlingly realistic tribute to nature's giants, this bronze sculpture captures the beauty and grandeur of two species....more

Bronze Flying Ducks

Their glorious motion is an expression of the rise and fall of nature. From one of Africa’s leading wildlife sculptors comes this evocative bronze....more

Bronze Frog Sculpture

Depicting a series of frogs in an astounding leaping sequence, this piece is a work of intricacy and whimsy....more

Bronze Giraffe Sculpture

The tallest mammal on earth, the towering giraffe is seen seated and regal; a rare depiction of this animal....more

Bronze Growling Leopard Sculpture

Sculpted by a leader in wildlife depictions, this piece details a snarling leopard, a charged yet alluring sight....more

Bronze Guinea Fowl Sculpture

The artist spent time as a game ranger and observed the Guinea fowl in nature – as a result, his rendition contains a more naturalistic motif....more

Bronze Honey Badger and Cobra Sculpture

Moulded and cast by a South African artist, this theatrical bronze shines a spotlight on the preservation of African wildlife – a main character in this artist’s narrative....more

Bronze Human Figure Sculpture

A striking depiction of rapturous expression, this piece is as compelling as it is splendid....more

Bronze Human Figure Tree Sculpture

Fill a space with beauty, symbolism and expression when you procure this stirring bronze sculpture....more

Bronze Leopard on Cliff Sculpture

The artist chose to portray the animal from afar; a perspective that alludes to the shy nature of his model....more

Bronze Lion Head Sculpture

The sculptor behind this bronze spent most of his adult life in the bush, documenting and getting to know the animals of Southern Africa, and it shows; the Lion’s static gaze alludes to the constant wariness of a leader....more

Bronze Lion Maquette

Proud and confident, this sculptural masterpiece remains a precedent for a larger piece of the same design, which is displayed at Longleat Safari Park in the UK....more

Bronze Lion Movement Sculpture

Moving beyond mere depiction, this piece uses shape and texture to articulate the complexity of the Lion's design, the very structure that makes it the king of the jungle....more

Bronze Lion Sculpture

This 3m long bronze lion is a tribute to the larger-than-life-sized sculpture housed at Longleat Safari Park in the UK. Add a final touch to your garden with the unyielding impact of this contemporary South African sculpture....more

Bronze Lion Skull Sculpture

In this stunning bronze, a meerkat stands sentry on the skull of a lion, keeping an eye out for predators while a pup takes refuge within its remains....more

Bronze Meerkat Sculpture

A common sight in the Africa wilderness, a Meerkat keeps a lookout for hungry predators....more

Bronze Meerkats Sculpture

Fitting for a family home, this bronze sculpture portrays the unity of a gang of meerkats....more

Bronze Painted Figure Sculpture

A striking work of evocation, this sculpture is a worthy addition to a carefully-curated collection....more

Bronze Pangolin Sculpture

A tribute to the mysterious pangolin, this piece from one of South Africa’s leading wildlife sculptors is as essential as it is poignant....more

Bronze Rabbits Sculpture

A bronze piece from one of South Africa’s leading wildlife sculptors, it’s a conceptual moment of whimsy for the quirky art collector....more

Bronze Rhino Bust Sculpture

This bronze bust depicts the majestic rhino with a bird perched on its head; an image reflecting the ecological interaction between the two species....more

Bronze Rhino Sculpture

In this intricate bronze piece, a Rhino is seen bracing to charge with its prehistoric form on glorious display....more

Bronze Rhino Tribute Sculpture

This piece symbolises the plight of the rhino, a species that continues to be threatened in Southern Africa....more

Bronze Running Cheetahs Sculpture

The determination of these solid bronze cheetahs reflects the artist’s pursuit of African wildlife conservation....more

Bronze Sable Sculpture

This custom sculpture depicts the neck, head and horns of a sable antelope, one of nature’s most stately creatures....more

Bronze Spanish Bull Sculpture

A piece by an artist renowned for his exquisite wildlife depictions, this bronze Bull is the height of his impressionist work....more

Bronze Spirit of the Rhino

One of nature’s most solitary beasts, it’s only fitting that this sculpture should celebrate its lone form in elegant motion....more

Bronze Stalking Leopard Sculpture

A master of observation, the artist depicts the nuances of the Leopard in mid-stalk....more

Bronze Sunbird and Flower Sculpture

The ecological interaction between pollinators and plants is one of the most beautifully symbolic relationships in nature....more

Bronze Sunbird Sculpture

Studying wild animals gave the artist insight into the behaviours and attitudes of many species; he cast the bird in bronze and captured its likeness without exhibiting the recognisable colouring of a Sunbird....more

Bronze Turning Cheetah Sculpture

With all four legs centred below the cheetah’s body, this dramatic scene takes a turn for the better – the artist’s stance on wildlife conservation results in a balance of form, motion and the attitude of the species as a whole....more

Bronze Wild Dog Sculpture

Working together for the good of the group, these Wild dogs are cast in bronze to immortalise the essence of pack mentality....more

Bronze Wildebeest Sculpture

A spectacle witnessed by tourists from around the world, the synced movement of so many animals was enough to inspire this bronze interpretation by a well-known South African artist....more

Cheetahs in Motion Bronze

For lovers of distinctive art, this bronze sculpture is an unequivocal must-have....more