Bronze Baby Hippo Sculpture

Hungry Hungry Hippo

A baby hippo’s call is cast in bronze to immortalise the maternal care offered by its mother. This protective instinct is shared by the artist, whose years of wildlife conservation have nurtured a great respect for African wildlife scenes. 

Hippos are found in various parts of the world, as they are both land and water animals. Hippo calfs are as adorable as they come, but beware of their nippy jaws and sheer size! Calfs are born between 23 to 50 kg, and they prefer to nurse on land. They swim underwater as easily as fish, and enjoy staying close to their mothers. They are curious creatures but prefer to laze about.

A bronze sculpture is a perfect addition to any home with an Out-of-Africa atmosphere, and a baby hippo sculpture encapsulates the wildlife experience. Adopt one of 12 sculptures and give your baby hippo a forever-home.

Priced From: US$2700

Fun Hippo Fact: Hippos need to come to the surface to breathe. Hippos can submerge for five to six minutes. They have the ability to cover their ears and nostrils to keep water out.

By Bruce Little