Bruce Little

South African artist Bruce Little is an acclaimed bronze wildlife sculptor with a distinguished reputation for detailed and creative pieces of art. His work speaks clearly about the legacy he wants to leave; his innate commitment to wildlife conservation is declared in every one of his pieces.

©Bruce Little
A leopard sculpture.

Having worked as a game ranger and conservationist for 20 years, Bruce Little has had more than enough time with the animals he sculpts. The artist believes that capturing the essence of his models is more important than creating an anatomical replica – he says that the movement and attitude of each piece honour what the animal is.

The sculptor is self-taught and relies on instinct to guide his work. Little was born in South Africa and spent years photographing the wildlife around him, strengthening the bond he has with nature and giving him plenty of inspiration for his work in bronze.

Bruce Little’s online gallery boasts gorgeous sculptures both found in local and international locations. His revered exhibitions and projects are themed around nature and biodiversity with a masculine energy and bare metal finish.

He aspires to create art pieces that reflect his passion for the natural world. His soulful and dynamic sculptures are made with elegance, attentiveness and delicate touches of soft sculpture combined with clay or hard metal.

Whether you want to spruce up your living space or add a touch of uniqueness to your decor, Bruce Little’s gorgeous sculptures will bring the South African bushveld into your home.

Miniature Bronze Sculptures

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Bronze Running Cheetahs Sculpture

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Bronze Black Eagle Sculpture

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Bronze Baby Hippo Sculpture

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Bronze Leopard on Cliff Sculpture

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Bronze Lion Maquette

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Bronze Lion Sculpture

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Bronze Drinking Leopard Sculpture

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Bronze Honey Badger and Cobra Sculpture

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Bronze Meerkats Sculpture

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Bronze Flying Ducks

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Bronze Frog Sculpture

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Bronze Giraffe Sculpture

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Bronze Dung Beetle Sculpture

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Bronze Baby Rhino

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Bronze Human Figure Tree Sculpture

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African Wildlife Bronze Sculpture

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Cheetahs in Motion Bronze

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Bronze Cheetah Sculpture

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Bronze Spirit of the Rhino

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Bronze Sable Sculpture

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Bronze Growling Leopard Sculpture

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Bronze Rabbits Sculpture

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Bronze Human Figure Sculpture

Added to any environment, it can instil in the beholder what the artist sought to convey - the totality of peace that comes with submission....more

Bronze Rhino Tribute Sculpture

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Bronze and Steel Rhino Sculpture

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Bronze Pangolin Sculpture

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Bronze Painted Figure Sculpture

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Bronze Rhino Bust Sculpture

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Bronze Lion Skull Sculpture

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Bronze Buffalo Sculpture

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Bronze Baby Elephant Sculpture

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Bronze Stalking Leopard Sculpture

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Bronze Eagle Sculpture

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Bronze Spanish Bull Sculpture

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Bronze Rhino Sculpture

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Bronze Lion Movement Sculpture

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Bronze Sunbird and Flower Sculpture

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Bronze Elephant and Baobab Sculpture

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Bronze Ducks Sculpture

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Bronze Cheetah Coalition Sculpture

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Bronze Lion Head Sculpture

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Bronze Guinea Fowl Sculpture

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Bronze Wildebeest Sculpture

Every year almost two million Wildebeest migrate through the Serengeti, traversing Kenya and Tanzania....more

Bronze Sunbird Sculpture

A textured aesthetic and the energy stored in the bent branch give the piece a realistic finish....more

Bronze Aardvark Sculpture

The artist, having spent time as a game ranger, aims to create awareness for African wildlife....more

Bronze Turning Cheetah Sculpture

The nimble Cheetah makes a high-speed turn during a chase, using its tail to counter the inertia....more

Bronze Wild Dog Sculpture

The artist spent many years in the grasslands of Southern Africa, becoming familiar with the animals he sculpts....more