Bronze Lion Maquette

On Patrol

Proud and confident, this sculptural masterpiece remains a precedent for a larger piece of the same design, which is displayed at Longleat Safari Park in the UK.

An edition of the piece was also acquired by the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, an initiative to protect the remaining ‘wild spaces’ of the world.

The artist is deeply concerned with the conservation of African wildlife, which led to the creation of this lion on patrol. Submit an enquiry to South Africa Online ® and get your claws into the limited-edition piece, before all 75 of them are gone.

Priced From: US$6500

Fun Lion Fact: Lions spend roughly twenty hours a day sleeping for the majority of their lives and are relatively lethargic. Although they occasionally appear to be in a sleepy state, lions are usually alert and ready to act in a matter of seconds.

By Bruce Little