Bronze Black Eagle Sculpture

View to a Kill

A shadow shrouds the piercing gaze of a black eagle, further mystifying this ominous sculpture. Although anatomically imperfect, this bust portrays the animal’s attitude through attention to detail – the artist has focused on the eagle’s expression.

The marks made by the artist’s fingers soften the bird’s features and create a personal link between the artist and owner of this meticulous bronze composition.

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Priced From: US$4450

Interesting Black Eagle Fact: The Black Eagle is also known as the Verreaux’s Eagle which is a very large raptor. The female Verreaux's eagle, which may grow up to 96 cm in length, is a much larger raptor than the male. A female's wingspan is 2.3 metres, and she can weigh up to 7 kilogrammes.

By Bruce Little