Miniature Bronze Sculptures

With a large range of existing work on offer, Bruce Little has extended his range with these transportable and affordable miniature bronze sculptures. 

This range was initiated to provide anyone with the opportunity to own a piece of his work in their homes, making his work accessible to everyone all over the world.

With this range of miniature sculptures, Bruce Little looks forward to getting art out to more people and spreading the message of conservation and celebrating African wildlife. This miniature sculpture is ideal travel-size art.

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By Bruce Little

Miniature Bronze Running Warthog

Crafted in exquisite detail and cast in bronze, the miniature bronze running warthog sculpture by Bruce Little is a timeless piece that wil...more

Miniature Bronze Sitting Hippo Calf

The actual size of this adorable majestic bronze sitting hippo calf sculpture by Bruce Little is L 8cm x B4cm x H4.5cm....more

Miniature Bronze Trotting Rhino Calf Sculpture

This miniature Bronze Trotting Rhino Calf Sculpture is the ideal travel-size gift all the way from South Africa....more

Miniature Stalking Bronze Leopard Sculpture

The Leopard is a powerful big cat, that is perfectly portrayed through this Miniature Stalking Bronze Leopard Sculpture....more

Miniature Bronze Elephant Calf Pair Sculpture

Whether you're celebrating a special occasion or just looking for something new and different, these bronze sculptures are perfect as gifts ...more

Miniature Bronze Elephant Calf Trunk Up Sculpture

With perfect detail, this bronze elephant calf sculpture is a perfect choice for any desk or living room shelf....more

Miniature Bronze Walking Cheetah Sculpture

This miniature bronze walking cheetah sculpture is the perfect gift for animal lovers and collectors alike!...more

Miniature Bronze Running Cheetah Sculpture

Have the world's fastest land animal set up in your office or home with this Miniature Bronze Running Cheetah Sculpture. ...more

Miniature Bronze Walking Male Lion Sculpture

The miniature bronze lion is a one-of-a-kind animal sculpture that can be placed on the desk, mantel or shelf to bring you joy and inspirati...more