Bronze and Steel Rhino Sculpture

Opposites Attract

Harness ancient African wisdom with this glorious rhino sculpture. A bronze-on-stainless-steel marvel, it employs the form of the majestic rhino to illustrate the beauty of dualism. Chinese mystics of old introduced to the world the notion of yin and yang – the marriage of opposing forces to create harmony.

This limited-edition piece sees the heads of the black and white rhino, who share a similar plight, merged to become one. Surround yourself with the magic of these opposing forces combining for a good cause.

Priced From: US$6160

Fun Rhino Fact: The two kinds of rhinoceros in Africa share the same colour. The White rhino's name was derived from its grazing-related wide of "wyd" mouth shape. The black rhino's hooked mouth is used for foraging and feeding from South African trees and vegetation.

By Bruce Little