Bronze Giraffe Sculpture

Restful Heights

The tallest mammal on earth, the towering giraffe is seen seated and regal; a rare depiction of this animal. Giraffes have long been considered one of the most fascinating creatures in the wild, and are famous sightings on wildlife safaris.

Giraffes are gentle beings who embody the spirit of Mother Nature - calm and steadfast. Interestingly enough, giraffes only need two hours of sleep per day; they sleep with their legs tucked underneath their body, but can sleep for short periods standing up - how fascinating!

This bronze sculpture captures the majestic serenity of the giraffe, celebrating their distinctive dimensions and design. Place your order with today and own this beautiful immortalisation.

Priced From: US$1400

Fun Giraffe Fact:  The tallest land animal in the world is a giraffe. Females can grow to 4.5 m in height while males can reach 5 m.

By Bruce Little