Distinctive Décor
South African Décor & Design

Decorating a home is to make it your own, and homemakers throughout South Africa will be delgihted to know that there is a plethora of distinctive locally designed home décor from South African designers to choose from.

Transform an iniviting room into a beautiful space with South African décor made by local artists with a love for design and a passion for turning an unappealing area into an ergonomic treasure trove worthy of showcase.

SouthAfrica.co.za have put together a collection of homeware, décor and functional art to help you realise the possibilities of each room in your house. Choose a category to fine-tune your search, or follow the links to the brands that suit your style.

Aluminium Display Bowl

Made entirely of recycled metal, this functional art piece persuades buyers to consider how their purchases affect animals like coral – the inspiration behind the work....more

Aluminium Paperweight

An heirloom in the making, this solid aluminium paperweight is cast in the shape of bleached coral, a tribute to the plight of many marine animals....more

Artistic Display Bowl

This solid aluminium display bowl is a reminder of the human species’ ecological reach. Activities like mining, sewerage disposal and construction weaken the ground beneath us and create sinkholes, which the artists have used as inspiration...more

Conceptual Display Bowl

Two artists conceptualised a way to express their environmental concerns without doing more damage – these exquisite bowls are cast from recycled aluminium....more

Decorative Display Bowl

The designers re-cast used aluminium to show how waste can be transformed from an ecological burden to a visual blessing....more

Designer Display Bowl

The artists aim to use their leafy designs to inspire change in the way materials are used in daily life and in art....more

Functional Display Bowl

The artists draw a parallel between a nest’s resilience and the staying power of nature under a human thumb; the designers of this range are committed to saving the environment, one recycled engine part at a time....more