Summer Crops in South Africa

A corn field in South Africa.
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Soybean field in South Africa.
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Sunflowers is an important summer-season crop in South Africa.
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Most of South Africa’s sorghum is produced in the summer rainfall area of Limpopo with large volumes also produced in the North West, Free State and Mpumalanga provinces.

Summer crops in South Africa are crops that grow during summer and are harvested during the winter period. These crops grow throughout South Africa in provinces with summer rainfall such as North West, KwaZulu-Natal, Mpumalanga and Free State, as well as Western Cape in some cases. 

Most summer crops are staple foods for consumers both locally and internationally, and large commercial farming operations are founded on the production of essential summer crops, such as maize, soybeans, sunflower seed, groundnuts (peanuts), and sorghum. These crops serve a purpose in various industries in the country, and all have functions beyond human consumption. provides a comprehensive guide to summer crop production in South Africa, as well as local and global sales, history of production, industry statistics and uses of the various summer crops.


Maize is one of the most important summer crops produced in South Africa, since white maize is one of our main dietary staples and yellow maize is the primary energy source in feed rations used for poultry and dairy production....more


Soybeans is an annual legume crop that forms part of the oilseed family. In South Africa, soybeans are grown in the summer rainfall areas, with Mpumalanga and the Free State accounting for most of the production. Soybeans have various uses...more


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