Food Processing in South Africa

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These cans dating from WWII contained 5 biscuits, a confection, 2 cubes of sugar, a can-opener and instant coffee.

Canning of fruit, vegetables and other foodstuffs such as fish and ready-meals involves the airtight sealing of food in containers and then exposing the canned product to a heat treatment. During this process, disease-causing microbes are destroyed with minimum change to the original product. Canning extends the shelf-life of products to well past the season of the produce’s normal availability.

Although the term ‘canning’ refers to the use of metal cans, the process also applies to the use of containers such as glass jars, laminated pouches, plastic trays and bowls. 

By Marinda Louw

Canning Fruit and Vegetables

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South African Canning Industry

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