Handcrafted Ceramics

The beauty of ceramics is in the balance of form and function. Domestic and decorative, South African ceramic art is moulded by the artist’s concept and fired by the buyers’ need for utilitarian artwork. Transform your home into a live-in gallery with ceramic pieces from SouthAfrica.co.za.

African Heritage Rhino Ceramic

This piece forms part of a unique collection of exquisite ceramics that are rooted in African heritage. Start your collection today and get a certificate of authenticity and a thank you card from the designer with each piece....more

African Sunset Rhino Ceramic

This ceramic sees the majestic rhino wearing the prideful hues of one such event, an endearing nod to South African style. Available in two sizes, each hand-painted ceramic serves as a decorative investment piece...more

Fire Lily Rhino Ceramic

Buy this exquisite ceramic today and surround yourself with the magic of the fire lily. This gorgeous South African plant blooms in a range of shades from salmon to crimson, but only after a fire has triggered flowering....more

Flame Lily Rhino Ceramic

Inspired by one of Africa’s most beautiful plants, this ceramic rhino is an uplifting must-have. With a dash of decorative delight, it is well-suited to the light-hearted collector or quirky nester....more

Frangipani Flower Rhino Ceramic

Buy this rhino ceramic today and harness the vivid magic of the frangipani flower. In nature, these fragrant flowers are found in a range of spectacular colours, from pinks, yellows and apricots, to whites and dark maroons....more

Jacaranda Tree Rhino Ceramic

On this hand-painted rhino ceramic, these beautiful trees are celebrated in remarkable detail. Bring the essence of the South African spring and summer into your home when you buy this proudly South African product....more

King Protea Rhino Ceramic

South Africa’s national flower since the 70s, the Protea has long been a symbol of rebirth and beauty. In this ceramic, it is painted on the body of a rhino, another natural treasure....more