Handcrafted South African Ceramics
Local Ceramic Art & Decor

The beauty of Handcrafted South African ceramics is in the balance of form and function. Domestic and decorative, South African ceramic art is moulded by the artist’s concept and fired by the buyers’ need for utilitarian artwork.

Serious art lovers will be delighted to know that there are plenty local South African ceramic artists whose artwork has recieved international acclaim - imagine adding such an exquiste piece of art to your collection.

Inspired by the beauty and uniqueness of South Africa, artists can find your desired design within the clay, which is the mark of true creativity. Transform your home into a live-in gallery with ceramic pieces including South African ceramic animals, vases, sculptures, bowls, and ornaments from SouthAfrica.co.za.

Africa Inspired Vase

Moulded by hand into a formidable shape that mimics the hoopoe's crown of feathers, this vase is the collaborative work of some of Africa's most outstanding artistic talents....more

African Legend Sculpture

This rather mystical ensemble of clay, paint and absolute wonder lives up to the legend of its famous South African designers and leaves an impression on all that care to question the artists’ intentions....more

African Turtle Tureen

When nature inspires art, function and beauty can be achieved. Reminiscent of Japanese “netsuke” ivory carvings, this tureen depicts a huddle of terrapins as they are often seen - sunning themselves on a hippo's back....more

Animal Ceramic Teacup and Saucer

This monkey teacup and saucer set transcends functionality to become art due to its peculiar yet elegant form. It is the work of a leading Basotho sculptor renowned for innovating new forms and realistic renderings of animals....more

Botanical Ceramic Bowl

Painted with floral designs, this spirited crockery piece adds a lively dynamic to any kitchen counter, dining room table or entrance hall....more

Botanical Wildlife Ceramic

Moulded around the rhino’s prehistoric form, this white botanical wildlife ceramic is individually hand painted to portray the distinctive leafstalk of the Acacia and the fernlike leaflets of this drought resistant tree....more

Breathtaking African Ceramic

This ancient agreement is immortalised on the back of a ceramic baby Elephant with an acacia tree in mellow greens and yellows. Stylised features give the Elephant an unmistakable pop-art feel, while the more naturalistic acacia softens the aesthetic....more

Brown Ceramic Bowl

The artist decorated the bowl with the image of an oryx, a species of antelope that wanders the sandy wastelands of Southern Africa. The animals take on another dimension through the sculptor’s imaginative extension of clay....more

Ceramic Bird Tureen

In this tureen, an adult sandgrouse is perched and proud while two of its young enjoy the protection and comfort of its body. Enquire at SouthAfrica.co.za about this exceptional ceramic tureen....more

Ceramic Ornament

As winter comes to an end, the coral tree blossoms with orange buds that erupt from its bare branches. The earthy palette of the flowers makes this ceramic rhino decoration fitting of a well-curated living space....more

Classic Ceramic

In this South African ceramic, the recognisable colours of a guinea fowl are contrasted against the bright down feathers of her babies....more

Collectable Animal Ceramic Urn

This exquisite klipspringer urn is a unique piece of African collaboration, a joining of multiple crafts spanning three southern African countries and perspectives....more

Collectable Ceramic Teapot

Made by a sculptor renowned for exquisite reptilian and aquatic sculptures and innovative teapots that are highly sought-after by collectors, this item is one in a long list of outstanding one-of-a-kinds....more

Collector's Salt and Pepper Ceramic

This salt and pepper ceramic won’t fail to elicit conversation. After all, how many people boast exclusive tableware made by some of Africa’s most lauded indigenous artists?...more

Coral Reef Ceramic

Inspired by the appearance of coral through clear water and the reflection it creates, the artist has brought this ceramic to life on clear etched Perspex for the consideration and appreciation of a mindful collector....more

Decorative Ceramic

Better known as the Cape buttercup, a Sparaxis elegans flower is delicately painted on the rhino’s back, creating an appeal valued by collectors. Start your decorative ceramic collection by placing an order with SouthAfrica.co.za....more

Distinctive Ceramic

The distinct spotted flower of a Tiger lily is seemingly draped over this distinctive ceramic rhino sculpture. The artist has covered most of the piece in deliberate red spots, fading in colour as they reach the edge of the flower’s petals....more

Elegant Animal Ceramic Teapot

This incredible giraffe teapot is a tribute to nature's exquisite palette and the iconic pattern of the Zulu culture. Here, giraffe patterns, coral tree floral designs and traditional patterning are contrasted to create an imaginative one-of-a-kind piece....more

Elegant Interior Ceramic

This ceramic baby elephant, handmade in South Africa, abandons its clinical white finish for a more entertaining story; the artist illustrates a barren landscape, ironically full of life....more

Falling Raindrop Ceramic

This piece captures the artist's wistful remembrance of bygone car journeys on rainy days. A continuation of the artist's exploration of movement in nature, this piece is an astounding collector's find....more

Family Home Ceramic

The floral motif is toned down by the painter’s use of grey and black, making this ceramic piece ideal for blending in with most interior decoration. Find a place in your home for this baboon-clad butter dish from SouthAfrica.co.za....more

Fire Lily Rhino Ceramic

Buy this exquisite ceramic today and surround yourself with the magic of the fire lily. This gorgeous South African plant blooms in a range of shades from salmon to crimson, but only after a fire has triggered flowering....more

Flame Lily Elephant Ceramic

Elephants evoke images of majestic African plains and splendour, and flame lilies suggest contented summer days with beautiful butterflies and sunbirds descending on a garden. Together they create a delightful collectable....more

Flame Lily Rhino Ceramic

Inspired by one of Africa’s most beautiful plants, this ceramic rhino is an uplifting must-have. With a dash of decorative delight, it is well-suited to the light-hearted collector or quirky nester....more

Floral Ceramic

The floral design painted on this ceramic rhino sculpture is accompanied by a colour palette that does the tiger lily justice. Add this piece to your ceramic collection by submitting an enquiry to SouthAfrica.co.za....more

Flower Ceramic

Much like the orchid on its back, this flower ceramic sculpture symbolises the care that rhinos need in order to overcome the problem they face - poachers kill these animals for their horns, and their populations are decreasing at a rapid rate....more

Frangipani Elephant Ceramic

This ceramic embraces the grace and beauty of the flower, depicting it on the body of an elephant. The majestic structure of this sacred mammal is almost completely surrounded by deep orange and yellow flowers and green flowering stems...more

Frangipani Flower Rhino Ceramic

Buy this rhino ceramic today and harness the vivid magic of the frangipani flower. In nature, these fragrant flowers are found in a range of spectacular colours, from pinks, yellows and apricots, to whites and dark maroons....more

Functional Ceramic Dish

This exquisite pangolin dish is a work of functional art that dabbles in the mystical and peculiar. Harnessing the essence of this nocturnal creature, whose movements and behaviour are shrouded in mystery...more

Glossy Ceramic

Made by a world-famous South African studio, this piece is sure to impress your guests, whether local or international.This decorative sculpture was painted with absolute care and hand signed by the artist to cement the notion of pride in their work....more

Grey Animal Ceramic

The soft illumination of a candle’s flame can create the right atmosphere for a home; this ceramic candle holder is the perfect centrepiece for family rooms where low-light settings are needed to ease the tensions of the day....more

Hermatypic Coral Ceramic

Hermatypic corals build reefs by depositing calcareous material for their skeletons. The artist has drawn inspiration from the question this process poses; if man is the creator of his reality, is perception enough to make something real?...more

Indigenous Art Vase

On these outstanding vessels, a renowned Zulu artist known for intricate illustrations has painted in brilliant strokes, using a limited palette of earthy colours....more

Intimate Ceramic

This decorative crockery item is an intricate display of affection that belongs in any family setting – especially when the fridge is open all the time!...more

Intricate Animal Ceramic

The way you display your ceramic elephant candle holders is up to you, but the impact they make was decided by the artists - the painter and the sculptor layered detail in a sequence that makes the ceramics come to life....more

Jacaranda Elephant Ceramic

Add this vibrant elephant to your ceramic collection today! A striking collectable, it has the makings of a lifelong treasure. Depicting an elephant, both baby and adult sizes available, it is accentuated by one of Africa's most iconic trees....more

Jacaranda Tree Rhino Ceramic

On this hand-painted rhino ceramic, these beautiful trees are celebrated in remarkable detail. Bring the essence of the South African spring and summer into your home when you buy this proudly South African product....more

King Protea Elephant Ceramic

Add a touch of wilderness to your surrounds when you procure this beautifully intricate ceramic. Meticulously hand sculpted, it depicts an elephant, one of Africa’s most treasured creatures....more

King Protea Rhino Ceramic

South Africa’s national flower since the 70s, the Protea has long been a symbol of rebirth and beauty. In this ceramic, it is painted on the body of a rhino, another natural treasure....more

Made in Africa Vase

From one of Africa's foremost art studios comes this glorious vase, a collaborative effort by an accomplished Sotho sculptor and Zimbabwean master thrower. A troop of busy baboons is depicted on this majestic vase, complemented by an intricate pattern...more

Orange Tiger Lily Elephant Ceramic

From a brand that values craftsmanship, this hand sculpted and hand painted piece embodies quality and creativity and is imbued with the artists’ cultural heritage....more

Ornate Ceramic

A Cape disa and an orchid make a simple but striking bouquet and give this ornate ceramic its eye-catching charisma....more

Painted Ceramic Box

With this ceramic fish eagle box, a hiding place becomes an exhibit. An adult eagle offers sanctuary to her chicks, and in doing so, becomes the safest place to store your keepsakes....more

Painted Display Bowl

Add the final touch to your fairytale home with this display bowl from one of the most renowned ceramics studios in South Africa. Delicately painted details give the piece a patina-like finish, making it seem as if it’s been in the family for generations....more

Painted Tree Ceramic

This baby rhino ceramic carries a heavy message but does well to share it - both the Rhino and the Baobab on its back are gentle giants. Make a decorative investment for your home with this painted tree ceramic from SouthAfrica.co.za....more

Painted Wildlife Sculpture

The addition of paint on naturally textured ceramic makes the detail on this peacock sculpture deserving of attention, even without flashing his feathers....more

Paradisal Ceramic

The artist behind this masterpiece incorporates images of the flower to liven up the stark white background on the rear of a ceramic baby elephant. Showcase this floral paradisal ceramic as an extension of the garden....more

Seashell Ceramic

A living example of the mutability of nature, a seashell undergoes a transformation, outliving its host as part of its lifecycle. The artist is inspired by such paradoxes and how beauty can emerge from something that has died....more

South African Ceramic

Skillfully painted on the back of a juvenile rhino, the disa encompasses the calm nature of the Cape while embellishing this ceramic sculpture....more

Sparaxis Elegans and Elephant Ceramic

Beloved for its elegance, due to colourful patterning and anthers that appear as if they are coiled around the style, the sparaxis is one of the most striking plants in Africa. Matched to the form of a majestic elephant...more

Tiger Lily Elephant Ceramic

Hand sculpted into the shape of an elephant and hand painted by locally-trained artists to reflect the striking form and colours of the tiger lily, this is a worthy collector's item....more

White Ceramic

Use this white ceramic Elephant sculpture to make a hefty decor statement. Reminiscent of a coral reef, the aptly named coral tree flower makes a lively appearance in orange....more

Wild African Ceramic

From one of South Africa’s most renowned ceramics studios comes this elegant depiction of a mother giraffe and her calf. They are differentiated by the tone of their hides, but their postures are reflections of each other...more

Wilderness Art Vase

Exceptionally intricate, this piece merges tribal tradition and folklore, both heavily influenced by the horns of the antelope. Upon this vessel, an exquisite palette of greens and golds...more

Wilderness Ceramic Urn

Invest in this one-of-a-kind collaborative work by some of the finest African artists. This ceramic urn is a fantastical celebration of the baboon’s form, invoking images of African folktales and indigenous superstition....more

Wildlife Ceramic Teapot

This ceramic teapot is an incredible work of art, blending whimsy and elegance to create a distinguished collectable. The work of a Basotho sculptor and a South African painter with a profound sensitivity for colour...more