Handcrafted Designs

© Meyer von Wielligh

With a proud history of indigenous artistry and the diverse influence of a multi-cultural populace, South Africa is making waves in the design industry. Local artisans imagine, innovate and craft items reflective of the country’s creative heritage, creating international appeal.

SouthAfrica.co.za have sourced some of these products to share with the world – and you.

Distinctive Décor

Decorating a home is to make it your own. SouthAfrica.co.za have put together a collection of homeware, décor and functional art to help you realise the possibilities of each room in your house. Choose a category to fine-tune your search...more

Elegant Handbags

The contents of your bag say a lot about you. So does the bag. Create the impression of elegance with SouthAfrica.co.za’s range of handbags, totes, vanity bags, clutches and travel bags....more

Exclusive Furniture

The atmosphere in your home, whether newly built or newly bought, is determined by the furniture you choose. Recreate the cheerful ambience of an African home with locally-produced luxury furniture...more

Exquisite Jewellery

Jewellery is more than adornment; it reflects beauty, wealth, prestige and the wearer’s personality. Jewellery can also be collected, traded and sold, making every piece you acquire a worthwhile investment....more

Handcrafted Ceramics

The beauty of ceramics is in the balance of form and function. Domestic and decorative, South African ceramic art is moulded by the artist’s concept and fired by the buyers’ need for utilitarian artwork....more

Singular Sculpture

Adding another dimension to South African Art, sculpture has remained one of the most expressive traditions for both artists and collectors....more