Food Processing in South Africa

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Juicing of fruit and vegetables adds value to raw materials, extends the shelf-life of fresh produce and if included in diets, is a source of nutrients.

As the world becomes more urban and people start to live further away from where food is produced, there is a trend towards adding value to raw agricultural products. Juicing is a form of adding value and is an excellent way to extend the shelflife of a fruit or vegetable, adding convenience and including more nutrients and fluids to the modern-day diet.

Juicing is the process during which moisture and nutrients are extracted from plant materials such as fruit and vegetables by breaking mechanically and/or chemically the cell walls of the product. 

Juicing can be a form of added value to a farmer’s product offering, but involves strict quality control measures such as proper preparation of raw materials, food safety, proper hygienic packaging and cold storage in order to produce a nutritious, tasty and safe end product.

By Marinda Louw

Juice and Health

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