Fruit Farming in South Africa

Apples are one of the most widely known and produced fruit types globally. Apple trees or Malus pumila originated in Central Asia and have been cultivated in Asia, Europe and North America for centuries.

©Louise Brodie
Topred apples in South Africa.

Apple production and consumption are integral to many cultures and as a fruit, apples hold cultural significance in many cultures. Apples are deciduous fruit, which grows on trees. In South Africa apple trees blossom in spring and are fertilised by bees. The edible fruit also has an edible skin and develops through the spring and summer, ripening in late summer or early autumn.

Apple trees can be grown from seed but for commercial production, they are more commonly propagated by grafting the desired variety onto disease-resistant rootstocks. Different apple varieties are cultivated for different tastes as well as for specific purposes such as fresh consumption or cooking as well as for juice and cider production.

By Louise Brodie

Apple Production

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Apple Sales

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Apple Season

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Apple Varieties

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