Reptiles of South Africa

© Roger de la Harpe
South Africa’s unique biodiversity allows for over 350 species of reptiles to thrive in the country. Reptiles are cold-blooded creatures who enjoy the South African sun and prosper in various regions of the country. South Africa is home to the richest diversity of lizards, snakes, crocodiles, tortoises, chameleons, and turtles on the African continent. explains the life and times of the large variety of indigenous reptiles of the country in 11 official languages, providing descriptive information on their habitat, feeding and appearance.


The boomslang has large eyes with round pupils, that dominate the distinct head. This is a large snake whose scales can range from bright green, black, grey, red and orange....more

Puff Adder

The puff adder of South Africa is a large snake with yellow-brown to light brown colour adorned with black pale edged chevrons dorsally and bars on the tail. It has a large triangular...more

Vine Snake

Female southern vine snakes are 975 mm in length, whereas males measure 1062 mm. Its body is very thin and its tail long. The head is spear-shaped, and its eyes large with pupils...more