Ornate Sandveld Lizard

© Tyrone Ping


Ornate Sandveld Lizard [Nucras ornata]

Vital Statistics

Class: Reptilia
Order: Squamata
Family: Lacertidae
Length (F): 70 - 85 mm
Length (M): 70 - 85 mm


The ornate sandveld lizard is a large sandveld lizard characterised by its brown back with irregular black blotches and two thin stripes. Juveniles have blackish brown dorsals with three white longitudinal stripes.


The ornate sandveld lizard is found through Swaziland over the Lebombo Mountains into Northern Zululand and Mpumalanga and into Northern Gauteng.


The ornate sandveld lizard lays 5-7 eggs during the midsummer in South Africa.


The ornate sandveld lizard feeds mainly on large insects like centipedes and grasshoppers.