South African Nature Guide

© Nigel Dennis provides readers with interesting information in our South African Nature Guide on marine life, mammals, reptiles, birds, flowers and trees, written and illustrated by experts in their field.

The content is available in all 11 official languages to equip South Africans with general knowledge on the country’s natural diversity and beauty.

South Africa’s nature can be explored in botanical gardens, walking on a beach or in a forest, while travelling in South Africa or when visiting any of South Africa’s numerous nature reserves.

Read about them now in all 11 official languages of South Africa and go see them soon.

Mammals of South Africa

Learning about the mammals of South Africa is now so much easier for all South Africans - is an excellent source of inform...more

Birds of South Africa provides informative, educational content on many South African bird species that orthologists and bird-watchers would enj...more

Reptiles of South Africa

South Africa’s unique biodiversity allows for over 350 species of reptiles to thrive in the country. Reptiles are cold-blooded creatures w...more

Marine Life of South Africa

South Africa boasts exceptionally rich marine life. The country has a huge diversity of marine ecosystems and a variety of species...more

Flowers of South Africa

South Africa has a fabulous array of indigenous flowers that enhances the country’s natural beauty and diversity. One of South Africa’s ...more

Trees of South Africa

South Africa has a plethora of iconic, indigenous trees that add to the beauty of South African biodiversity. delivers fac...more

Grass Varieties in South Africa

There is more to grass than your normal garden grass varieties in South Africa - although grass is the most common, overlooked plant in the ...more

South African Wildlife

South Africa is the best safari destination in the world. With the third highest biodiversity in the world (variety of fauna and flora) ther...more