Giant Plated Lizard

© Tyrone Ping


Giant Plated Lizard [Gerrhosaurus validus]

Vital Statistics

Class: Reptilia
Order: Squamata
Family: Gerrhosauridae
Length (F): 200 - 250 mm
Length (M): 200 - 250 mm


Gerrhosaurus validus maltzahni and Gerrhosaurus validus validus


The giant plated lizard of South Africa has a flat head and body. Adults display a dark brown to black colour, with an off-white throat and a light brown underbelly. Juveniles are black and have distinct series of bright yellow spots on their back and black bars across the flank region.


The giant plated lizards are found across South Africa.


The giant plated lizard lays between 2-5 large oval eggs during the midsummer in soil-filled rock crevices.


The giant plated lizard has a varied diet of flowers, leaves twigs and small lizards and even baby tortoises.