Spotted Bush Snake

© Tyrone Ping


Spotted Bush Snake (Philothamnus semivariegatus)








The female spotted bush snake measures longer than the male, with 850 mm in length to the male’s 825 mm.

It is a thin snake with a long tail and a prominent, flat head that is green or blue-green in colour.

Its body is bright green to olive green and marked with dark spots on the bars on the fore body, fading to a greyish-bronze colour at the rear.

Spotted Bush Snake Diet

The spotted bush snake feeds primarily on chameleons, tree frogs and geckos.

Spotted Bush Snake Breeding

During the midsummer months, females lay three to 12 eggs. The eggs are elongated in shape.

Spotted Bush Snake Distribution

The spotted bush snake can be found in the northern areas of South Africa, stretching into the Kalahari and Northern Cape. To the east, it occurs in Namaqualand, and to the west in Port Elizabeth. It can also be found in Central Africa to Sudan and Guinea.

Field Notes

This animal does not feed when in captivity and therefore should not be kept as a pet.