Crop Farming in South Africa

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South Africa’s agricultural sector is one of the world’s most diverse, consisting of corporate and private intensive and extensive crop farming systems, including vegetable, fruit, nuts and grain production.

The well-developed commercial farming in South Africa is the backbone to the country’s agricultural economy. South African climate ranges from subtropical to Mediterranean, allowing for a multitude of farming opportunities. The country’s biodiversity ensures that products such as grains, fruit and wine are exported and preferred for its exceptional quality.

There is a growing demand to improve subsistence farming or informal small scale farming in South Africa. provides factual and well-researched content on a variety of topics relating to agriculture, translated into all 11 official South African languages.

These ‘how to’ guides on farming are original content written by researchers, lecturers and specialists in their field and will empower new farmers in South Africa to improve their farming in a sustainable and profitable way.

Beer Making in South Africa

Microbreweries and craft beer specialists have recently come to the forefront of beer making in South Africa. walks you through the process of making beer,...more

Herb Growing in South Africa

The description of plants as a herb generally refers to a group of plants that have been exploited by humans for their Aromatic, Culinary or Medicinal uses....more

Organic Farming in South Africa aims to help farmers to operate in a more sustainable way by providing easy-to-read content on organic farming in South Africa....more

Soil Maintenance

Fertilizers are materials that are either organic and from natural matter that was once living or a synthetic chemical makeup of macro and micro nutrients. These are applied in granular form or as liquids to the soil....more

South African Indigenous Food Crops is providing well-researched content in all 11 South Africa languages to allow for all citizens to plant, harvest and enjoy the bounty of indigenous South Africa fruit, grains and vegetables....more

South African Medicinal Plants

South Africa is the third most biodiverse country in the world and inhabitants have for centuries employed the help of indigenous medicinal plants....more

South African Wine Grape Varietals

South African wine industry boasts the Big Six, which refers to the cultivars: Pinotage, Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc....more

Vegetable Farming in South Africa

Vegetable farming in South Africa is not simply a matter of throwing some seeds in the ground and waiting for perfect produce. Optimal conditions vary from plant to plant...more

Water Management

Seventy percent, of the earth’s surface, is covered by water. Ninety-seven percent of all water on earth is salt water. Less than three percent of all the water is fresh water....more

Wine Grape Growing in South Africa

South Africa has become a major player in the world's wine industry and produces a range of wines, from light table wines and full-bodied red wines...more