Essential Oils of South Africa

© Louise Brodie
Essential oils are extracted from various parts of plants that are rich in oil.

In South Africa essential oils are produced from crops that contain volatile aromatic oils. The oils are extracted from various parts of plants that are rich in oil, primarily through steam distillation but also through chemical extraction. 

Essential oils are obtained from plant parts such as the leaves, fruit, bark, wood and resin of many plants. These plant oils are distinguishable by their volatile nature and distinct aroma which causes them to evaporate when exposed to air.

In this section provides well-researched content on a variety of topics relating to essential oils of South Africa from essential oil production, essential oil plants to essential oil producers in South Africa, translated into all 11 official South African languages.

Essential Oils - Crop Production

Essential oils - Crop Production is done in all the South Africa's provinces except in arid regions such as the Northern Cape and the Northwest Province. ...more

Essential Oils - Markets

The bulk of essential oils produced in South Africa are produced for the export market while a small percentage are sold for local use. The largest export market for South African essential oils is Europe and the United Kingdom...more

Essential Oils - Types and Uses

In South Africa essential oils are also produced from aromatic indigenous fynbos plants such as several species of Buchu as well as Cape Chamomile, Wormwood and Pelargoniums....more