Beer Making in South Africa
Crop Farming in South Africa

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Beer is one of the most widely consumed drinks all over the world. Not many would disagree that there’s nothing better than cracking open a cold one at the end of a long day. There are many ways to make beer in South Africa. Barley, hops and yeast are combined in various ways to make beers for all palettes and preferences.

Microbreweries and craft beer specialists have recently come to the forefront of beer making in South Africa. walks you through the process of making beer, from growing your own hops to pouring that perfect refreshing brew.

How to Grow Your Own Hops

Some popular hop varieties in South Africa include the African Queen, Southern Aroma, Southern Passion and Southern Star....more

How to Make Craft Beer

South Africans love a good beer and the popularity of craft beer is on the rise with multiple craft beer breweries in operation and ordinary people making craft beer at home....more

Monitoring a Growing Hops Plant

In South Africa monitoring your growing hops plant is important as problems that are caught early on are easier to correct....more