Recreational Activities in South Africa

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South Africa is a playground for any and all holiday-makers - it’s the ideal country to visit if you are a thrill-seeker looking for adventure, a relaxed person wanting to experience SA at a leisurely pace, a sportsman focused on finding the perfect golf course, a nature enthusiast ready to spot Mzansi’s animals, a foodie enticed by the local cuisine and wine, or a party-goer focused on seeing the nightlife.

Whether you are a comfort-seeking urbanite or outdoor traveller, South Africa has got your holiday needs covered!

The coastline and the inland both offer spectacular recreational activities, that range from game safaris, spa treatments, historical sites and gourmet food and wine tours to hiking, mountain biking and watersports, as well as a plethora of children’s activities. 

Abseiling in South Africa

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Coastal Experiences

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Diving and Snorkelling in South Africa

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Flying in South Africa

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Food and Wine Tours

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Outdoor Adventures

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Romantic Getaways

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Skiing, Snowboarding and Sandboarding in South Africa

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Tree Top Canopy Tour

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Walking Safaris and Wilderness Trails

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