Our Nation

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The stories of everyday people of South Africa are as important to tell as the stories of our leaders. The average citizen forms the backbone of our country and enhances its history, culture and social science within society. South Africa is home to over 55 million people, and these people all have bittersweet narratives that form South Africa’s unique and beautiful humanity.

SouthAfrica.co.za showcases a range of stories from the often silent majority of South Africa - the everyday citizen, surviving and thriving, working within their communities to better their lives and those of others. Stories of unique women, children and men are told that fully embody the beauty, hardships and triumphs of ordinary South Africans.

Day of Reconciliation

On 16 December 1995, for the first time, South Africa celebrated a Day of Reconciliation whereby both the Afrikaner and liberation struggle traditions were acknowledged symbolically to be part of a democratic and equal society....more

EarthWorks - Farm Labourers in the Swartland

Piet and Hendrik are farm labourers, they live on the farm where they work and through them, I have got to know other workers in the valley - most are related in some way or another...more

Food Dialogues: Localising Cape Town's Food System

The Food Dialogues were conceived of and produced by the Oranjezicht City Farm (OZCF) as a 10-part series of talks on the food system in Cape Town....more

Food Security in South Africa

Food security is about so much more than just how much food we grow. 'Urban food security is the emerging development issue of this century,' argues the African Food Security Urban Network (AFSUN)....more

Guide to South African Cuisine

South Africa’s cuisine is as diverse and colourful as its rainbow nation. With influences from the indigenous population, along with the Dutch and English, South Africa offers a range of mouth-watering dishes that are sure to excite the palate....more

Health of South Africa

South Africa’s public health system is a network of medical care across the country, providing access to treatment for all South Africans....more

June 16th 1976, the Start of Change

They realised their parents, teachers and school boards had been unable to persuade the apartheid government to change its iniquitous policy of forcing black children to learn half their subjects in Afrikaans....more

Official South African National Symbols

After the first democratic elections in 1994, the National Symbols Commission took the responsibility of asking the South African public what the symbols of national unity should look and sound like....more

Social Innovation in South Africa

South Africa is often regarded as an entrepreneurial leader in Sub-Saharan Africa. We have made significant progress in overcoming our social and environmental challenges and have produced some of the most innovative and successful enterprises on the cont...more

Women of South Africa

Women of South Africa are a unique kind of wonderful - they are strong, beautiful and resilient in their everyday lives. South Africa has remarkable, ground-shaking women...more