Guide to South African Cuisine

South Africa’s cuisine is as diverse and colourful as its rainbow nation. With influences from the indigenous population, along with the Dutch and English, South Africa offers a range of mouth-watering dishes that are sure to excite the palate. These culinary contrasts truly reflect the culture, history and geography of this vast land.

Bokkoms - Something Fishy

It is hard to believe that demand for bokkoms exceeds supply, because this dried salted leathery thing that was once a fish, is one of the most difficult of African delicacies to acquire a taste for....more

Sweet South African Treats

If you're eating out and the menu offers malva pudding for dessert, don't pass up the opportunity to indulge your taste buds in a dose of seriously yummy sponge pudding....more

Traditional South African Food

Like learning to speak a bit of the local language, you get a better sense of a country if you at least try the local food. Fresh mopane worms, quick-fried termites, and rat kebabs...more

Try A South African Braai

The first skill any foreigner in South Africa learns is how to braai. Traditionally you do not use charcoal, even less, briquettes: you use mopane, rooikrans, vine stock, acacia...more