Women of South Africa

© Andile Bhala

Women of South Africa are a unique kind of wonderful - they are strong, beautiful and resilient in their everyday lives. South Africa has remarkable, ground-shaking women who have shown strength and growth throughout the country’s history.

South Africa’s diverse cultures and identities ensure that no two women are the same - every South African woman you meet will have a different story to tell. From a working mother, to an activist, to a businesswoman, the ordinary South African woman is an extraordinary powerhouse.

From the activism of Albertina Sisulu to the everyday care of a grandmother, South Africa is filled with lively and unique women who make the country a wholesome place. South Africa Online ® celebrates every woman of South Africa, by showcasing their stories.

You will become inspired by tales on some of the country’s game-changing women who helped pave the way for all other women of SA to be the best versions of themselves, bettering the lives of others and their communities.

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