Walking Safaris and Wilderness Trails

©Shem Compion
Walking Safaris are fantastic for nature and wildlife enthusiasts.
©Shem Compion

A walking safari in South Africa is the ultimate wildlife experience. It offers tourists a chance to encounter the beautiful sights, sounds and smells of the country’s natural environments. The stunning terrains, extraordinary animals and diverse vegetation adds to the superb safari experience that awaits both locals and international visitors. 

There are various safari destinations throughout South Africa that offer walking tours within predator-free zones. This includes nature reserves, private safari lodges, luxury private game reserves and national parks - all fit to treat guests to informative and fun wildlife tours. 

The Cederberg in the Western Cape and the Sab Sand Private Game Reserve in Limpopo will offer two very different experiences, so it is important to do lots of research before you book a safari. Whichever province you find yourself in, you’ll find a fantastic walking safari experience with various wildlife and natural surroundings to explore.

By Carla Lottering

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