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Pineapplefish (Monocentridae)


Pineconefish and Burrfish


Pineapplefish measure 17 cm on average, but can be up to 30 cm long.


Pineapplefish have rounded, flattened bodies and hard plate-like scales with distinct edges, named scutes. They have one spine in their pelvic fins that can be locked in a straight position as a defence mechanism. They vary in colour from yellow to orange, the scutes bordered in black.

General Info

Pineapplefish belong to the Monocentridae family which comprises of two genera and four species. On either side of its lower jaw, a bioluminescent organ named a photophore is located. It is orange in the day and a blue-green colour at night. The photophore is used to attract food. Pineapplefish can be found under ledges, in a small school over reeds and in caves. They are nocturnal and pelagic spawners.


Pineapplefish feed on zooplankton such as small crustaceans.


They can be found in all the temperate and tropical oceans on the Indo-Pacific.

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