Johan Boshoff

Johan Boshoff is a South African writer and well-known diving expert and a keen underwater videographer and photographer. Boshoff was the editor and publisher of Divestyle magazine for over 10 years, and was involved in number of South African television productions.

He presented a local television production on KykNET as a dive specialist and appeared in the wildlife program 50/50. In 1998, Boshoff founded The Dive Spot Dive Company, which combined expertise from leaders in Dive Travel, Scuba Training and Technical Diving in Southern Africa with Johan as Technical Course Director. Johan and his wife Amilda published a dive guide book, The Dive Spots of Southern Africa, which outlines important information on popular dive destinations in Southern Africa.

It includes accommodation, dive site facilities and descriptions of the reefs accompanied by full colour images. Boshoff has also developed a ‘Marine Life Educational App’ that allows users to identify and learn more about marine in and around the ocean using colour photos and fact cards.

His book, Marine Species Guide can be used in conjunction with the app for comprehensive info on fish life found in tropical regions. Johan Boshoff lives in Australia with his wife, Amilda, where he publishes OZDiver Magazine and promotes his latest book, Dive Spots of Western Australia.