Citrus Production
Fruit Farming in South Africa

Global Citrus Production

Citrus fruit is one of the most popular and widely produced fruit types globally. 

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Turkey Valencia harvest, South Africa.

Citrus is produced in growing regions on all the continents except Antarctica. Nearly three-quarters of global citrus production is produced in the Northern Hemisphere.

Most of this fruit is produced in the USA and around the Mediterranean, however, the country that is the largest global citrus producer is Brazil.

South African Citrus Production

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Afourer mandarins growing in the Western Cape, South Africa.

Based on production volumes, citrus fruit is the largest fruit industry in South Africa, and is largely focussed on the export market.

The South African citrus industry is the largest citrus exporter in the Southern Hemisphere and accounts for more than 60% of Southern Hemisphere citrus exports. South Africa is the second biggest citrus exporting country, after Spain.

Citrus Production Area

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Autumn gold navel oranges, Western Cape.
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Orange harvest in Nkwalini, KwaZulu-Natal.

Citrus types are produced in the various climatic regions throughout South Africa and productions are expanding rapidly throughout the country.

The main production regions are located in the Western Cape, the Eastern Cape, along the Orange River in the Northern Cape, the KwaZulu Natal Midlands, Eastern Mpumalanga and Limpopo.

South Africa Citrus Season

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Soft citrus harvesters, South Africa.
The South African citrus season starts in February with lemons and continues until September when the last oranges are harvested.

Citrus Sales

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South African citrus is sold locally in South Africa and exported to our neighbouring countries. Citrus is also exported to Europe and the UK, Eastern Europe, the Middle East as well as to Asia and North America.


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Juicing orange storage.

Citrus fruits are highly nutritious. The fruit is edible and the pips and skin are usually discarded.

The zest, the outer layer of the skin, is used for flavouring food and beverages. Besides eating the fruit, citrus is also commonly juiced for fruit juice.

Citrus fruit and citrus juice are also canned, dried and frozen. Citrus extracts are used for medicinal and cosmetic purposes.

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