Livestock Farming in South Africa

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South Africa has a market-oriented agricultural economy that includes livestock production of cattle, dairy, pigs, sheep, goats, rabbits, ostrich and a well-developed poultry and egg industry as well as value-added activities such as slaughtering, processing and preserving of meat. is making content about livestock production available to all South Africans by publishing well-research content in the 11 official SA languages.

Beekeeping in South Africa

The most important thing new beekeepers in South Africa will need when starting beekeeping is knowledge....more

Dairy Farming in South Africa

The dairy cow industry in South Africa is one of the largest agricultural industries in the country, employing more than 40 000 people....more

Fly Management

Besides being a nuisance, flies are potential carriers of disease and may have a negative impact on animal health, especially in intensive production systems where animals are kept close together....more

Goat Farming in South Africa

Goat Farming in South Africa is the livelihood for subsistence farmers in rural areas, stud breeders, mohair producers, dairy farms and commercial meat farmers. With this range of goat-related topics...more

Pig Farming in South Africa

The commercial pig industry in South Africa is relatively small with a few modern piggeries with modern facilities, high feeding costs and excellent genetic material. South Africa also has thousands of subsistence and small-scale farmers producing pork...more

Poultry Farming in South Africa’s section on poultry farming in South Africa - written by industry experts - aims to help new farmers improve their farming methods by supplying information in all 11 South African languages....more

Rabbit Farming in South Africa

Rabbit farming in South Africa involves the breeding of rabbits for the meat industry as well as for the use of fur and wool....more