Duck Farming in South Africa

© Louise Kolbe Duck House farm
Duck farming in South Africa mostly uses the white Peking duck for meat production.

The main focus of duck farming in South Africa is for meat production. Duck meat is mostly sold directly to high-end restaurants, in some supermarkets, delis and at farmer’s markets.

The duck industry of South Africa is a small niche market with some challenges; not threats that include avian influenza and competitive cheap imports, but it is a market with huge potential for growth, especially in the Western Cape. New farmers are therefore urged to research and develop their intended market before starting out.

This series of articles looks at duck meat farming and also at other duck-related products.

By Marinda Louw

Duck Meat Production

Duck farming for meat is a niche market in South Africa with a few small free-range farms supplying restaurants, some retailers, farmers’ markets, and directly to the public...more

Duck Products

Duck meat in South Africa is mostly sold as frozen whole or as fresh birds. While some meat suppliers also offer thigh and breast portions, offal and duck fat, as well as processed duck products such as duck liver pâté, smoked duck, pies and cured duck...more

How to Farm with Ducks

Duck farming specifically for meat production is a small yet growing industry in South Africa. Challenges that may develop relate to disease management (particularly bird flu), market development, and competition against imported products....more