Beef Production in South Africa

©Glenneis Kriel
Hereford cattle produced near Villiersdorp in the Western Cape.

Beef production in South Africa has a rich heritage, with cattle being used in the past and even today for different reasons in various cultures throughout the country. Production takes place almost across South Africa, with different breeds being suited to different climatic conditions and areas.

There is also a large variety of farmers, ranging from subsistence to large commercial producers and breeders.

Beef Cattle Digestion

The Beef Cattle digestive system allows ruminants to digest forages that single stomach animals, such as poultry or swine, and humans are unable to digest. To feed beef cattle efficiently...more

Cattle Production Industry in South Africa

The South African cattle production industry is extremely dualistic, characterised by a highly developed formalised sector on the one end and an emerging to subsistence sector on the other end....more

Feeding of Beef Cattle

Cattle need protein, energy, water, fat, minerals and vitamins in their diet to grow efficiently, with the amounts varying according to the production environment, the age of the animal, the time of year...more

South African Beef Breeds

These South African beef breeds differ in terms of size, build, adaptability to different climatic and production environments, resistance to certain pests and diseases, reproduction, parenting abilities, as well as meat quality...more