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Snappers typically measure at roughly 30 cm but can grow to up to 1 m.


Snappers have bodies which are oval or elongated in shape. Their tail fins are truncated or deeply forked, while they have a single dorsal fin. Their heads are usually sharp towards the mouth. The colouration of snappers differs from bright yellow, white, black, reddish-brown to silver and blue banded.

General Information

Lutjanidae family consists of 1 7 genera and 107 species. Snappers, in their large schools, are found over reefs. Due to snappers hunting mostly at night, they have large eyes in most species. They have teeth on the roof of their mouths, which allows them to crush their prey. They are pelagic spawners.


The snappers diet is typically made up of crustaceans and other fish, while some species feed on plankton.


Snappers are found in both temperate and tropical oceans of the world.

Common species

Bluebanded snapper - Lutjanus kasmira
Emperor snappers - Lutjanus sebae
Humpback snapper - Lutjanus gibbus

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