The Origin of Legacy Collection

Born and raised in South Africa, Charmaine Taylor bared witness to the cruelty of apartheid during her childhood.

©The Legacy Collection

Having seen the transformation of South Africa through Nelson Mandela’s release and his journey to becoming the first democratically elected president, Charmaine developed the passion to share the message of forgiveness and peace that Nelson Mandela had. In 2012, her passion materialized.

During her tenure as a designer and owner of a marketing firm, Charmaine met the founders of RIACT (Robben Island Art Company & Trust). In 2009, RIACT rescued the original prison fence from Robben Island from being disregarded in a landfill. This was the fence that locked the apartheid political prisoners, including Nelson Mandela, Ahmed Kathrada, Walter Sisulu, Robert Sobukwe and many others, on Robben Island until they were released in 1989 and 1990.

Charmaine and RIACT shared the vision of reimagining the fence as a positive part of South Africa’s legacy through art and jewellery. In 2013, Charmaine was granted the right to design artwork and exclusively create jewellery with the Robben Island fence.

For her first Legacy Collection, she cut and created each piece by hand. The bespoke pieces each involve a long design process of cutting and bonding the fence together, then they undergo an expert sealing process and conclude with gold, silver or rose-gold plating.

Charmaine gives back to the South African community by donating a percentage of the profits to both the Nelson Mandela Foundation and Abalimi Bezekhanya, which translates to “We are the Farmers”, to help disadvantaged communities and individuals. Abalimi Bezekhaya is an organization that educates communities in Cape Town townships about organic farming practices.

Gold Africa Necklace

This best-selling design follows the outline of the African continent and outlines the history of the South African freedom fighters who were imprisoned on Cape Town’s infamous Robben Island....more

Gold Bracelet

Where wrists are no longer bound comes a bracelet worthy of celebration....more

Gold Cross Pendant

Much like the Christian messiah, many South African political icons dedicated their lives to the salvation of the people....more

Gold Cuff Bangle

By reusing the fence, the designer reminds the wearer of the hostility once suffered by South African people and suggests there is justice to be found...more

Gold Double Stack Ring

Double down on style with these stackable rings....more

Gold Plated Fence Pendant

The wrongdoings of South African History are acknowledged and addressed in this Gold Plated Pendant....more

Gold-plated Dangle Earrings

This pair of gold-plated dangle earrings is made to shine. The designers instil South African heritage in the elegant duo by using locally-sourced raw materials...more

Male Silver Jewellery Collection

Cufflinks form part of the finer details of a well-dressed man....more

New Age Cross Necklace

The designer of this cross-like necklace has taken careful consideration in juxtaposing the materials featured. Be a part of something bigger than yourself and wear your faith on your chest....more

Rose Gold Fence Ring

With five diamonds embedded at the centre, it is a timeless jewel for the consciously stylish. This meaningful ornament is also available in luscious yellow gold....more

Silver Bracelet

This sterling silver bracelet has a charm about it that invokes curiosity and emotion....more

Silver Continent Necklace

The design is striking and truly authentic....more

Silver Cuff Bangle

Own one of South Africa’s most historic and iconic pieces of history with this bangle....more

Silver Fence Ring

Exclusive and extremely limited in supply, this ring echoes history....more

Silver Robben Island Ring

At the centre of the ring are two pieces of the fence from Robben Island prison....more

Silver Sticks Necklace

With an appeal that can only be felt, it invokes a sense of dynamic movement and unity....more

Solid Gold Fence Pendant

Unique pieces of the Robben Island prison fence have been sealed, plated in gold and hung from a 55 cm gold chain....more

Sterling Silver Africa Earrings

The designer behind these hand-twisted sterling silver earrings uses pieces of the same fence to mark a rough border on the African continent, finding justice for those who were wronged....more

The Golden Ratio

Now stocked at the Nobel Peace Center in Norway, this breathtaking piece of jewellery embodies a quest for serenity and global well-being....more

Traditional Silver Pendant

It garnishes any outfit with touches of unique spice and colour that simply can’t be duplicated....more

Yellow Gold Robben Island Ring

What results is not only an accessory but a token of the enduring power of hope and reclamation. This poignant ring is made for the considered collector who values significance as well as beauty....more