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Frogfish (Antennariidae)




Frogfish can measure up to 50 cm in length.

Frogfish Identification

Frogfish are pelagic as well as benthic. The pelagic species are predominantly laterally compressed, and benthic species are dorsoventrally compressed with their mouths turned upwards. They vary in colour from white to yellow, red, dark brown and black.

Frogfish General Info

Frogfish belong to the Antennariidae family which comprises of 12 genera and 41 species. The name ‘anglerfish’ derives from their manner of catching prey, which they lure with a fleshy growth on their heads.
When contact is made with this tentacle, the jaw is triggered. The jaw and stomach can extend to swallow prey twice its size. Frogfish are rather inactive and well camouflaged. Reproduction occurs by means of eggs sheets or a parasitic male connecting with a female and releasing his sperm into her.

Frogfish Feeding

Frogfish lure their prey with the tentacle on their head. Contact with the tentacle triggers the jaw to open.


Frogfish can be found in the deep sea and continental shelves of all oceans across the world.

Common Species

Pink anglerfish - Antennarius rosaceus
Clown anglerfish - Antennarius maculates
Giant anglerfish -Antennarius commersonii

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