The Tswana
South African Culture

©Dr Peter Magubane
A male Tswana initiate.

The Tswana are part of the Sotho, with three broad divisions — Basotho - Southern Sotho, Pedi - Northern Sotho, and Tswana - Western Sotho.

The Tswana historically lived on the Highveld, with the Basotho. From the mid 1800s, many Sotho chiefdoms in the western Highveld began to regard themselves as part of a larger Tswana group in the colonial Bechuanaland - now Botswana.

This accounts for variations in dialect, social structure and culture among the many Tswana groups that persist today.

Marriage in Tswana Society

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Rural Life of the Tswana People

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Status in Tswana Society

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The Diversification of the Tswana

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Tswana Social Organisation

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