Richtersveld National Park
World Heritage Sites in South Africa

Situated in the extreme northwest corner of South Africa, and hunkered down within the muddy embrace of the Orange River, you will find the expansive 160,000 ha Richtersveld National Park.

©Shem Compion

Proclaimed in 1991 following a land claim agreement with the Nama community, this mountain desert reserve offers the outdoor crowd a complete escape from everything urban.

The original Richtersveld Mountain Desert National Park was linked to /Ai/Ais – its cross-border counterpart in Namibia – in 2003 to establish southern Africa’s first transfrontier park. It was this international treaty that led to the formation of the much larger and current /Ai/Ais-Richtersveld Transfrontier Park.

A Snapshot of the Richtersveld

Most significantly, the Richtersveld is part of the wider Namaqualand region, and the one cannot be profitably discussed without the other....more

Early Human History in the Richtersveld

The first evidence of human beings in Namaqualand and the Richtersveld is represented by crude stone tools, such as choppers and hand axes f...more

Flowers of the Richtersveld

Summer-flowering succulents (such as crassulas) add a dash of colour during the hot months from November to February....more

Geography of the Richtersveld

In terms of location, the greater Richtersveld region can be said to form a rough square in the top left hand corner of South Africa....more

Geology of the Richtersveld

Moreover, the Richtersveld and Namaqualand boast a particularly long and convoluted geological timeline which, quite frankly, sets my mind a...more

Missions of the Richtersveld

The first exploratory missionary trip through Namaqualand was thus made by Christian Albrecht in 1805. Later that same year, he and his brot...more

Nature of the Richtersveld

The last important climatic condition which sustains the Namaqualand ecosystem is the Berg Winds which blow down from the South African inte...more

Recent Human History in the Richtersveld

After van der Stel’s initial expedition to the Copper Mountain, the route to the far north was set. It wasn’t a busy road, by any means,...more

Richtersveld Land Changes

Far up in the Richtersveld, the Kuboes mission station was being presided over by the good Reverend Hein, of the Rhenish Church....more

Richtersveld Land Claims

In 1957, the ‘coloured reserve’ of the Richtersveld was given a tangible boundary with the erection of a fence that ran between the comm...more

Richtersveld World Heritage Site

In terms of cultural significance, the Richtersveld is the home of the last remaining members of the Nama tribe of Khoikhoi who still practi...more

Scientists of the Richtersveld

They were the scientists, ornithologists and botanists who were attracted by the region’s bizarre plants and unusual fauna....more