Mentoring of New Rabbit Farmers
Rabbit Farming in South Africa

© Judy Stuart

Rabbits are unlike any other farmed animal. They have basic requirements that are unique and if not correctly managed at all levels, the rabbit farming will fail. It is very important for new rabbit farmers to have guidance on how to handle any problems that might occur and to have an understanding of the needs of the rabbit before the start.
There are basic rabbit farming courses in South Africa and it is a good idea to have information available before setting out as a rabbit farmer. The more animals you are planning to have in your unit, the more important it becomes to have somebody to call on if things go wrong.
Ideally, if several families in a community want to farm with rabbits, one member of that community should be selected as the ‘mentor’ and that person should go on a course on rabbit management.

By Karoline Steenekamp