Great Kruger Heritage

Honoured Heritage Sites

There are literally hundreds of natural and cultural heritage sites within the Kruger National Park. However, many of these sites are unmarked or far from established tourist routes.

©Roger de la Harpe
The "Queen's" grave at Thulamela Cultural Site, Kruger National Park.

Those that have been identified were generally done so by the old National Monuments Council, reflecting their one-sided view of history. The choice of sites, and the wording on some of the commemorative plaques, therefore belongs very much to the “Old South Africa”. SANParks is now working to update its heritage register. They want to make the Kruger National Park’s history more inclusive and are investigating ways to make more sites accessible to the public.

By David Fleminger

Archeological Heritage Sites in Kruger National Park

The Kruger National Park is dotted with the remains of old African settlements, which were gradually abandoned after the park was declared. The only ones which have been restored are Thulamela and Masorini....more

Heritage Sites Found in the Kruger National Park

Early iron-age African villagers were actively mining copper, gold, mica, ochre and other useful materials in the Kruger National Park for centuries. In more recent times, Europeans entered the region looking for diamonds, gold, copper...more

Kruger National Park Grave Sites

Hundreds of people, have met their maker in the unforgiving bush of the Kruger Park. In fact, the Kruger National Park is liberally sprinkled with the graves of men and women, both famous and unknown....more

Kruger National Park Heritage Site Shops and Windmills

Trader, Joao Albasini maintained a satellite store on the banks of the Sabie river for several years. It was part of the footpath that ran from his base at Magashula's Kraal to Delagoa Bay....more

Kruger Park Natural Heritage Sites

Located between Tshokwane picnic site and Satara. A huge baobab tree with an enormous circumference, now sadly scarred by the initials of idiots with knives. Said to be the most southerly baobab in Kruger National Park....more

Kruger Park Picnic Heritage Sites

Afsaal Picnic Site. An old outspan on the Old Transport Road, this modern Kruger National Park picnic site boasts an intact, if crumbling, ox-wagon on site....more

Kruger Park Transport Routes

The Old Transport Road Route of the main wagon road from Lydenburg to Delagoa Bay. Several historical markers can be found along the route, most pertaining to the days of the transport riders....more

Kruger's Memorials and Plaques

Grobler Plaque is a memorial plaque to Piet Grobler, a relative of Paul Kruger, who introduced the National Parks Act to parliament in 1926. Overlooking Piet Grobler Dam, located near Timbavati picnic site....more