Kruger National Park Heritage Site Shops and Windmills

Trading Posts of Old

Trader Joao Albasini maintained a satellite store on the banks of the Sabie River for several years. It was part of the footpath that ran from his base at Magashula's Kraal to Delagoa Bay. The ruins of the store were destroyed in 1969 during the construction of the tar road from Lower Sabie to Crocodile Bridge. 

©Roger de la Harpe
Inside a modern day Trading Post at Skukuza Camp, Kruger National Park.

There are some partially restored remains of Joao Albasini’s trading post, located near Phabeni Gate. Also known as Magashula’s Kraal, info boards and displays at the site give an idea of life at the store. The most common comment in the guest book is ‘interessant’ (interesting). Alf Roberts' Store - Site of Alf Roberts’ trading store, Tengamanzi, operational during the 1880s.

Located at Nellmapius Ford, where the Old Transport Road crossed the Crocodile River. Roberts was killed by unknown assailants while tending shop. Borcher's Store - An old shop set up to service the nearby Witwatersrand Native Labour Association station at Thebe (now Pafuri border post). Sardelli's Store - Sardelli was a trader who ran a shack near the Zenga-Zenga Mountain in the Lubombo. His most popular product was a home-brewed liquor made from the fruit of the Marula tree.

It is rumoured that he also operated a gang of bandits who ambushed Shangaan mineworkers and stole their wages. Located near Crocodile Bridge in Kruger National Park. Thompson's Shop - Old store built by Alex Thompson and William Pye for the benefit of travellers in Crooks’ Corner. Also known as Makuleke store. Operational from 1910-1954.

Windmill’s of Old

De la Porte's Windmill - A typical windmill named after an early ranger. De la Porte was stationed at Skukuza during World War I, while James Stevenson-Hamilton was doing military service. Duke's Windmill - An early wind pump named after an early ranger, Thomas Duke, of Lower Sabie in Kruger Park. Kompanite Windmill - Early windmill, built in 1933. In fact, as tourist attractions go, it’s a bore hole. This windmill heritage site is located near Pretoriuskop in Kruger Park.

By David Fleminger

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