Goldie Rockcod

© Johan Boshoff.

Common family name

Goldie Rockcod or Grouper


Fairy bassletts

Scientific name



Goldie rockcods measure 12 cm in average but can be as long as 25 cm.


Goldie rockcods look like freshwater goldfish, yet they are more prominent in colour varying from pink to orange, yellow and blue. Males are more colourful than females, and their tails are large and crescent-shaped.

General Info

Rockcods belong to the Anthiinae subfamily which comprises of 25 genera and 82 species. They occur in big schools over reefs, and smaller harems can be seen within school consisting of a dominant male and two to 12 females. Males are very territorial and can become aggressively defensive. All Anthias are born female, and a dominant female will change sex when a dominant male dies. They are pelagic spawners and family of bass and groupers.


Goldie rockcods feed on zooplankton.


They can be found in all temperate and tropical oceans across the world.

Common Species

Harlequin goldie - Pseudanthias connelli
Threadfin goldie - Nemanthias carberryi
Sea goldie - Anthias squamipinnis