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Galjoen (Dichistiidae)


Black fish or Black bream


Galjoen measures 40cm on average, but can be up to 80cm in length.

Galjoen Identification

The body of the galjoen is somewhat square-shaped. It head is big with tiny mouth and incisor-like teeth, and its tail shortened. Its fins have prominent spines. Its body colour changes quickly from black to silvery-bronze as it moves from rocky to sandy areas.

Galjoen General Info

Galjoen belongs to the Dichistiidae family which comprises of one genus and two species. This fish is a strong swimmer and occurs in tempestuous waters close to reefs and rocky areas. It is also found in fresh water and are pelagic spawners. This is the national fish of South Africa.

Galjoen Feeding

Galjoen feed on invertebrates, barnacles, mussels and rebait, and eat small fish and crustaceans by sucking them in.


Galjoen can only be found in the southeast Atlantic Ocean and the coast of South Africa.

Common Species

Dichistius capensis
Banded galjoen
Coracinus multifasciatus