Commercial Fish of South Africa

© Ann Gadd
Yellowfin Tuna is a commercially caught fish in South Africa.

The commercial fish of South Africa are fair and few, with an extensive but demanding fish industry that totals 150 million kilograms of fish caught annually. The South African fishing industry relies on a select number of fish species that consumers know and trust, such as tuna, kingklip and hake. Furthermore, both small-scale and large commercial fishing enterprises are restricted by regulations that protect the marine life of South Africa against over-usage and exploitation.

Most of the marine commercial fish of South Africa are caught by deep-sea trawlers, as well as small-scale longline and handline fisheries, with over 94% caught in the Western Cape. The deep-sea trawling industry focuses on catching only a small number of fish species that are commercially viable and found along the coastline of South Africa. These species are an important part of the livelihood and nutrition sources of South Africans, and are further expanded upon on's Marine Guide.


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