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Fusiliers measure 30 cm on average but can be up to 60 cm in length.


Fusiliers have streamlined bodies which are cylindrical, narrowing at either end and shaped like a spindle. Their tails have deep forks and are at times marked by a spot in a different colour. These fish are mostly silver-blue in colour with blue or yellow lines, and sometimes have black markings on the tail.

General Info

Fusiliers belong to the Caesionidae family which comprises of four genera and 20 species. They are closely related to snappers but are different in having adapted to feeding on plankton by using their protrusible jaws. They feed in large groups over reefs and areas which are abundant in plankton. Fusiliers are pelagic spawners.


Fusiliers feed on plankton.


They can be found in tropical and temperate oceans across the world.

Common Species

Neon fusilier - Pterocaesio tile
Blue and gold fusilier - Caesio caerulaureu
Twinstripe fusilier - Pterocaesio marri

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